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The National Board of Collection Attorneys (NBCA) is a membership based service company created exclusively to promote collection attorneys online in the geographical area where they practice law. 

There is a tremendous difference in what we do to promote the law practice of a collection attorney on the web compared to what the other membership based companies and organizations in the Collection Industry do. (See Latest News)

The Distinct Advantage We Have Over The Competition 

Most of the companies in the Collection Industry who promote collection attorneys online DO NOT provide adequate targeted exposure for your service area. If you wanted to, you could pay these companies exorbitant amounts of money to get more exposure where you practice law. Better yet, you could become a member of NBCA and get the targeted exposure that you need in your locale at a fraction of the cost. 

Each collection attorney who becomes a member of NBCA receives 50 targeted search engine optimized page listings in our network for their service area cities, counties, state, province or country, in order to provide excellent opportunities in attracting prospective clients and getting new business from the web. These high ranking SEO pages are created by our industry leading SEO specialist, Eric Bragg, and you can be rest assured that you won't find an enhanced online marketing package like this from any other membership based company in the Collection Industry at such a small cost. 

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Membership is available to Collection Attorneys in the United States & All International Countries

United States: Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New  Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington  West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming

International: (See Find Attorneys for a list of countries)

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