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States Licensed To Practice In: Colorado
State Bar License: Colorado #30582
Date Admitted To Bar: 1999
Years of Collection Experience: 10+ Years
Education: Metropolitan State College of Denver B.S. 1992
Law School: University of Denver College of Law J.D. 1998

Law Firm Founded: 2012
Number of Offices: 1

Address: 1776 S. Jackson Street, Suite 900, Denver, Colorado 80210

Telephone: (303) 753-0100
Facsimile: (303) 753-0310
Email Address:
Service Area: Entire State of Colorado
Types of Accounts Collected: Consumer, Commercial, Judgments
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Malpractice Insurance: Farmers Insurance Exchange...Also E&O Insurance $200,000/$600,000
FDCPA Compliant: Yes
FCRA Compliant: Yes
HIPAA Compliant: Yes
Use Retainer Agreement: Yes
Monthly Status Reporting: Yes
Claim Acknowledgement: Yes
Accurate & Timely Remittances: Yes
Reports To Credit Bureaus: No
Legal Affiliations: National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, Commercial Law League of America, Colorado Bar 
                                  Association, Colorado Creditor Bar Association (secretary) 
Law List Affiliations: American Lawyers Quarterly, The Columbia Law List, The General Bar, Forwarders List, The Commercial 
                                       Bar, Clearing House Quarterly, The National List, Wright Holmes


Stokes & Wolf, P.C. collects debt anywhere in Colorado so creditors may place all of their claims with our office!

The firm charges contingent fees for both commercial and consumer claims. The percentage depends on the type of collection and the amount of the claim. For commercial litigation, we charge a 5% non-contingent suit fee to apply against our contingent rates. We welcome your call to discuss your accounts and the fee.

The firm collects accounts for manufacturers, wholesalers and service companies; freight bills; bank, credit union, and finance company loans; credit card accounts; and other types of accounts.

The firm's Commercial Legal Software "Collection Master" software enables our firm to handle a high volume of accounts with personal attention given to each account. This software allows forms at all stages of the collection process to be generated with a few keystrokes and quick and accurate processing of debtor payments and remittances. Each letter to the debtor or pleading sent to the court is coupled with a status report so that you are always kept informed of our progress in collecting your account.

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