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The National Board of Collection Attorneys (NBCA) has had a complete organizational makeover, including a new website design, while adding substantial enhancements to its member benefits for online marketing and promotion. We now provide each of our member collection attorneys with 50 search engine optimized page listings targeting service area cities and counties, plus their state, province or country. 

This new member benefit alone will provide optimum exposure for our members and will enhance their new business development plan significantly.  No other online organization, association, directory, network or marketing company will provide an SEO marketing campaign of this magnitude for the small cost that we charge for an annual membership in NBCA. Typically, a substantial SEO marketing campaign like this would cost thousands of dollars utilizing a proven SEO specialist to accomplish the task. 

NBCA can provide this game changing SEO marketing campaign for our members because we are owned by Viking Web Group, a premium web services company, who specializes in web design and search engine optimization for the Collection Industry. If you desire to have a much larger footprint on the web, a membership in NBCA is a very smart choice and one that will bring you substantial opportunities for as long as you are one of our valued members.

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NBCA Provides Enhanced Online Marketing For Its Members
Welcome Martin B. Greenbaum, Esq. - New York, New York Collection Attorney
Welcome Neal Markowitz, Esq. - Silver Spring, Maryland Collection Attorney
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